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Infinity offers many diamond shapes, colors and sizes. If you happen to see a jewelry piece which you simply love, but would like a different center diamond shape or size, contact Genovia DeCuir for pricing on customizing your jewelry choice.


True to Life Shape, Colors and Design

One of the main things Infinity has kept pure, is the real life essence of a diamond. We believe in offering the same cuts, shapes and quality as you would expect in real life. Variations from the gorgeous diamonds offered by nature compared to man-made variations are very clear to see... even in SL.

Why should you expect anything less?


Breath taking

Selecting the correct piece not only involves the right gem, cut and size, its also important in the piece you choose. Infinity works very hard to offer carefully hand placed pieces aligned as perfectly as possible.

Take her breath away with some of our most beautiful collections! Visit our store to be amazed at the beauty and craftmanship dedicated to each item we offer.














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