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Wedding & Engagement Rings, Wedding Sets, Bands & Bridal Gifts/Items:

A Wedding Ring symbolizes the love to be shared between a couple for Infinity.  Choosing the correct ring may seem like a daunting task, unless you select your ring at Infinity Fine Jewelry.  Each of Infinity's wedding rings are carefully set by hand and offer couple sets as well as individual purchases for that perfect set.

When it comes to Weddings, Infinity has done all of the preparation for you. Infinity, making your Second Life your best life.


Prim Nails & Perfect Polish:

INFINITY's prim nails are gorgeously created to offer you a stunning entrance and impression regardless of the place!

The most polished ladies pay attention to the fine details of looking their best, such as their nails. With INFINITY, we offer you full control of your most gorgeous impression!

Click here for Prim Nails online manual.


MYDesign, menu-driven gem, metal, bling control, ONLY at Infinity:

MYDesign is truly YOUR design.  You select the gem, metal, bling (including none).  Look for the "MYDesign" options available on many items!



Menu driven bling control for all tastes!  From the flashiest bling, to a soft whisper, or even no bling at all.  All changeable within seconds, by a single touch. 



Include a special note for your loved one to carry for Infinity.  Limited to 25 letters & spaces for the best look.

Need an idea for an engraving?  Click here!


Gift Boxed: 

An enlarged copy of the exact ring (engraving included, if chosen) placed in an opened Gift Box for the perfect memento of one of the best days in your loved one's life.


Gem Exchange:

Would she prefer a large Ruby?  Is Opal her birthstone?  Simply send your Infinity ring to Genovia DeCuir and state the gem change for a small $L fee.


Take her heart away with your love.  Take her breath away with INFINITY jewelry..

Infinity means forever...



























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INFINITY * Making Second Life your best life!

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