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Jewelry Education


The colors and shapes of gems are vast and wonderfully available at Infinity.  See which shape suits your taste most:



Looking for that perfect gem color to match your preferred cut?  Contact Genovia DeCuir in-world for more information. 

YES, We Customize!

Do you need to know the specific gem for a birthday?  Click here for Birthstones.


Help for your Infinity fine piece:


Q.  How do I resize my jewelry?

A.  Wear the item and then right click on it.  A pie menu will open, select "edit".  One of the bullet options is "stretch."  Select this option.  You will see white squares appear, now click on one and pull them out to make the item larger, push it in to make them smaller.


Q.  I love my right hand ring so much!  I decided to make it my wedding band.  How can I put it on my left hand?

A.  Search for the item in your inventory.  Once you find it, right click on the item and you will see an option "attach to", now select which part of the body you would like the item placed.  Now click "wear" for the item.  Using our provided pose stand, adjust the piece of jewelry to your specifications.


Q.  How do I wear my jewelry?
A.  Locate the item in your inventory, right click on it and in the pie menu select "wear".  The item will go directly to the location needed.  We have included a free posing stand so you may adjust the items) if needed.


Q.  I put on a piece of jewelry, but don't see it.  Where did it go?

A.  Avatars vary in shape and sizes so at times you may "wear" the jewelry only to find it's disappeared.  What has probably happened is the item is inside your body.  The easiest way to tell is to go to your inventory and in the white space type "worn."  This will show all of the items you are wearing.  Notice and copy the name of the item (all of ours begin with Infinity Fine Jewelry) that is inside of your avatar and select  "detach."  Now we recommend you attach it to another part of your body and pull it far forward, detach, and reattach to the appropriate spot.



Q.  How do I turn off my bling?  SL doesn't seem to want to allow scripts to work right now.

A.  We understand that SL has days/times when scripts just don't work.  All of our items offer a default bling off using one of these two commands typed in default:

      1) bling off

      2) /1bling off

Please note that these commands are case sensitive.


Most items are able to be engraved.  Simply send the item to me, Genovia DeCuir,  with your name and $50.  Include a notecard telling me what you would like engraved on the inside band.  I will return the item promptly.

Have a question that is not in here?  Send Genovia DeCuir a IM and we'll add it to this database.

Do you plan to engrave a personal message in your wedding rings? Have you thought about what the message will say? Engravings range from simple and traditional dates and initials to coded messages that only the brides and grooms understand. Here are a few engraving ideas from members of the About Jewelry & Accessories community.

1. Your Names and Wedding Date

For brides and grooms who prefer a classic approach, this engraving never goes out of fashion. There should be room for at least your first names, but you can use initials if space is tight. It might not matter to you now, but engraved names and dates can help someone who tackles family research in the future.

2. Infinity

Infinity.. a simple word with an important meaning. Wrap your intent to stay together always (there's another top engraving) around your finger, where you'll be reminded of it every day. You can include your initials and wedding date if you like.

3. Amor Vincit Omnia

Latin for "love conquers all." Engrave a message in Latin and few people will understand it, making the sentiment more personal to you and your spouse.

4. Phrase from a Song

Anything from "All you need is love," to "I got you, babe." What lyrics are meaningful to you? Are they short enough to engrave inside a wedding ring?

5. Nicknames

Brides and grooms sometimes engrave each other's nicknames inside their wedding rings.

6. A Religious Phrase

Choose a portion of a phrase or verse that's significant to your religion.

7. Symbols

A heart, the peace symbol, the symbol for eternity--many hand engravers can add a symbol to the inside of your wedding bands.

8. A Special Phrase

Choose a personal phrase, one that only you and your future spouse understand the meaning of. Go ahead, inscribe the phrase in your rings, let everyone guess its true meaning. And there's no reason why the phrases must match--each of you can choose a special sentiment.

9. Phrase from Your Wedding Vows

Engrave a few short words from your wedding vows. The phrase you choose might signify love, respect, trust, eternity--anything you want to convey to each other.

Some couples let their sentiments float around the exterior of wedding bands. Adorn the outside of plain bands with a special engraving.

10. Poetry and Literature

Words from any special poem or book, sentimental to comical

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